Terms and Conditions


This agreement is for the use of yard storage space only, and the use of such space or any other space is at the sole risk of the owner. The company shall not be liable for the care or protection of the vessel, or for any loss or damage of whatever kind or nature to the vessel, her appearances, contents or equipment whether due to the sole negligence of the company or otherwise. The vessel owner shall comply with all rules and regulations of the marina whether attached hereto or posted on the premises, in addition to any other regulations.

Owner assumes full responsibility for alignment of vessel on hoist lifting straps and of final blocking and attitude and holds OASIS BOAT YARD, harmless against any loss, cost, suit or claim arising out of the use of the yard storage facilities, or any handling of the vessel.

1. All boat owners SHALL MAINTAIN THEIR OWN INSURANCE to protect against liability, theft, pilferage, fire, windstorm, rainstorm, vandalism, personal injury or other casualty or loss.

2. It is agreed that the marina is not an insurer of the boat owner’s property, body, family, invites, employees, contractor and / or agents. The marina shall not be liable for the personal injury, loss of life property damage to the vessel, motor or accessories or the content thereof, due to fire, theft, vandalism, collision, marine equipment, storage stand blocks, etc., marina equipment failure, windstorm, snowstorm, rain, hurricane or other casualty, loss or negligence of the marina, it’s employees and agents.

3. The boat owner is required to notify the marina of any outside contractor(s) being hired or other persons doing work on the vessel. The outside contractor must have sufficient insurance coverage for the nature of the work, the value of the vessel and the possible consequences of injury to person and / or property, minimally in the amount of $1,000,000.00. Contractors must also provide proof of current Worker’s Compensation Insurance. The boat owner shall provide the marina with proof of insurance, payment of premium and coverage upon request. (Contractors with shops in the yard are tenants and in no way associated with the marina. Vessel owners are not obligated to use their services and are free to choose outside contractor that meet the requirements of licensing and insurance). The marina does have staff that can provide most services necessary for the boat owner.

4. The boat owner needs to request permission to bring in any outside contractor(s) or other persons and agrees to accept full responsibility for the actions of such organizations and / or persons, and the boat owner agrees to indemnify and hold harmless forever the marina from any and all claims that may arise from the work performed and / or the actions of the contractor(s) and / or other persons. The contractor is to provide an invoice to the marina; the marina thereafter will place a 30% surcharge on the original invoice.

5. The owner is responsible to check his vessel. The owner agrees to have a working automatic bilge pump on board for storage. In the event of an emergency or circumstance that may require immediate action, the marina may enter the vessel to do anything necessary in its sole discretion to prevent damage to the vessel or property of the marina or the premises. Any charge incurred by the marina to carry out the provisions of the paragraph shall be billed to the vessel owner.

6. The boat owner shall be solely responsible for the intentional, unintentional or accidental discharge of oil, petroleum products or hazardous wastes or substances from the boat for any cause whatsoever and be liable for any and all costs in the remediation and cleanup of said discharge in accordance with state and federal laws / regulations.

7. The marina will begin charging for storage upon completion of all agreed work between the boat owner and the marina. The marina will charge for the usage of the travel lift; each time the vessel is moved or lifted; other than the standard haul-block-launch rate.

8. The marina reserves the right to limit and govern parking space on the marina complex premises, and to limit and govern the entrance of motor vehicles into the yard work area.

9. Docks/slips are rented on a transient basis only. Oasis Boat Yard reserves the right to ask any owner to remove themselves and vessels from docks/yard for misappropriate conduct. If at any time Oasis must contact law enforcement because of misconduct you will be asked to leave immediately.

The marina is hereby authorized to sell the above-described vessel at non-judicial sale under Section 328, Florida Statutes, for the non-payment of charges for storage for two (2) months. Notice of such sale shall be made to the owner’s address contained herein. The owner shall be responsible for providing the company with notification of any change of said owner’s address.

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